Event passed March 15, 2018

Nowhere Developers Conference 2018

A one day, pure-tech conference for engineers, hackers, and makers in the heart of Northwest Arkansas.

The name, Nowhere Developers, stems from the fact that great developers aren’t just found in the Valley, or Seattle, or New York. They’re right here in the middle of “nowhere.” While other tech conferences in the region tend to focus on corporate executives and planners, this one reaches out to reach the engineers, the hackers, and the makers that build the amazing things we see every day. It hopes to bring together innovators to exchange ideas, explore emerging tech, and have a great time, all under one roof.


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How to Attend

Are you a talented teen hacker who wants to attend the Developers Conference in Bentonville on March 15th for free?

Through our scholarship grant program, you can get a complimentary admission by passing this tech quiz.

Passing attendees get a free Pi 3.14 t-shirt, a full-day ticket to the Conference, and a Certificate acknowledging that they passed the Nowhere Developers Conference Quiz.

The Conference is billed as a pure-tech event in Northwest Arkansas. The Nowhere Developers Conference will take place at Record Downtown in Bentonville, AR on March 15, 2018 with an anticipated 200 attendees from around Arkansas and the midwestern regions. I’m hoping that our teen grant recipients will be some of the best future talent in attendance.

The quiz submission deadline is March 1, 2018

Entry Quiz

Open quiz


  • What if I have school on the day of the event?
    Many schools will allow opportunities to attend educational events with the submission of a note that is signed by you and your legal guardian. Here’s a sample note:
    Dear Principal, My TeenDevConf (link) quiz results qualified me for a complimentary pass to attend the Nowhere Developers Conference (link), an educational event for people interested in technology development. My legal guardians can drop me off and pick me up at the event in Bentonville, but since it is held on Thursday 3/15, I am requesting a day off from school. I would discuss it with my teachers in advance and request the privilege of making up any school work that I would miss.
  • Where is the event?
    Record Downtown in Bentonville, AR
  • When does the event start?
    On March 15, 2018, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • What's the schedule for the event?
    The conference will start with breakfast at 8:30 AM, and then there will be a bunch of speaker sessions, each about 45 minutes long, until lunch at noon. After lunch, more speaker sessions will ensue, until 4:30 PM, when the conference ends. See more at https://www.nowheredevelopers.com/agenda/
  • Where can I see more information about the event?
    You can see information about the conference on their website.
  • What free stuff will I get?
    Passing attendees get a free Pi t-shirt themed to the event, a full-day ticket to the Conference, and a Certificate acknowledging that they passed the TDC Quiz for entry to the Nowhere Developers Conference.