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I always love opportunities to share with and learn from other young developers in my community, because there's always a chance you'll meet a team you can work well with. I'd like to see more people my age attending STEM-oriented developer conferences and other cool community tech events. So, I've started a nonprofit that raises funds to provide grants to teens interested in learning about new technology. TeenDevConf strives to benefit the hatchling hackers of our community by inspiring and motivating them to, as I like to say, use their powers for good.

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TeenDevConf is a nonprofit, so our primary source of income is the support given to us by our benefactors and STEM enthusiasts. Without your donations, we would have no way to pay the often expensive entry fees for many of these educational events. The developers of the future will exhaust their skill and potential on petty fundamentals, when they could instead be benefiting from an exciting tech event, learning the latest and greatest techniques of today. I've seen such situations before, in which an early coder with so much potential never ventures to leave his/her comfort zone. Your donation could precipitate the final prod that pushes a young coder to advance in his/her career.


Join us and other nearby teen developers at a variety of STEM-oriented tech events! This includes competitions, conferences, gatherings, and various other tech opportunities in and around Northwest Arkansas.


Congressional App Challenge

Students in participating districts code original applications for the chance to be selected for recognition by their Member of Congress, win prizes, and have their work put on display in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. (congressionalappchallenge.us)

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July - early November 2018


Nowhere Developers Conference

Exclusive free access to a one day, pure-tech conference for engineers, hackers, and makers in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. (nowheredevelopers.com)

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March 15, 2018

JBU Programming Competition 2018

The competition is open to both high school students and college students. Teams of up to 4 students collaborate together to solve various challenges with programming language of their choice. The teams that solve the most problems the fastest will win prizes, including cash and JBU scholarships of up to $1000 per student. (jbu.edu)

February 3, 2018